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What Foods Should You Avoid with Periodontal Disease?

July 1, 2022

What Is Periodontal Disease? It is a term that refers to the infection of the...

Precaution You Need to Take Care of Before Root Canal at Summerland Dental Centre

June 1, 2022

Are you in need of root canal therapy? It is the best treatment to save...

How to Recover Faster from Gum Grafting Surgery

May 1, 2022

What Is Gum Grafting Surgery? It is a dental treatment involving surgical measures to restore...

How Do I Stop My Teeth From Being Sensitive After Whitening?

April 1, 2022

The abrupt jolt of pain that comes with tooth sensitivity can zap the joy out...

What to Do before Tooth Extraction?

March 1, 2022

Tooth extraction becomes necessary during adulthood for many reasons. Some teenagers and adults might get...

Vitamins & Minerals that are Essential for Healthy Teeth & Gums

February 2, 2022

Oral health is one of the most critical parts of your health. If something is...

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