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Dental Bridges in Summerland, BC

Dental Bridges

If you’re missing one or some of your teeth, you can seal the gaps in your smile using dental bridges in Summerland, BC. A dental bridge is made of a pontic tooth held in place by teeth adjacent to the gap.

The team at Summerland Dental Centre knows that tooth loss can create many issues, including loss of self-confidence, inability to chew correctly, speech problems, and even facial collapse. You can avoid these complications by opting for restorative dentistry.

Types of Dental Bridges

Our dentists in Summerland, BC, will evaluate you to determine the best restoration for you. If dental bridges are a good fit, you’ll have the choice of four types of dental bridges, including traditional bridges, Maryland-bonded bridges, cantilever bridges, and implant-supported bridges.

Traditional Dental Bridge

A traditional dental bridge is made of one or more teeth held in place by dental crowns that are cemented to two teeth, one on either side of the gap. This is undoubtedly the most popular type of dental bridge and is preferred when you have natural teeth on either side of the gap.

Cantilever Dental Bridge

A cantilever bridge is similar to a traditional bridge, except that it’s held in place by a single abutment tooth. If you have only one natural tooth adjacent to the gap, our dentists may recommend a cantilever bridge.

Maryland Bridge

A Maryland bridge, like the traditional bridge, uses two abutment teeth to support the pontic teeth. However, unlike conventional bridges that use dental crowns for support, Maryland bridges rely on a porcelain or metal framework for attachment.

Implant-Supported Dental Bridge

As the name suggests, an implant-supported dental bridge uses a tooth implant to support a replacement tooth. Implant-supported bridges offer excellent stability and are friendly to the adjacent teeth, as they don’t require enamel reshaping.

Dental Bridges Treatment Process

Bridgework requires at least two appointments. Once it’s determined that dental bridges are a good fit for you, our dentists embark on preparing your teeth. Preparation involves removing some tooth enamel to make room for the crowns. Next, your dental impressions are taken and shared with the dental lab. A temporary bridge is used to protect your teeth in the interim period.

On your second visit, our dentists evaluate the fit and then cements the permanent bridge in place.

Are you considering giving your smile a makeover using dental bridges in Summerland, BC? Contact Summerland Dental Centre today to book a visit with our dentists near you.

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