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Dentures in Summerland, BC


Are you missing one or multiple teeth? In this case, you may be considering all of your options to replace them. Our trained dentists near you provide multiple options, including crowns, bridges, implants, and dentures to replace missing teeth.

Why You Should Get Missing Teeth Replaced

Missing teeth cause several problems apart from a less-than-attractive smile.

  • Surrounding teeth may get strained due to uneven bite distribution
  • Adjacent teeth may shift or rotate into the gap and alter your bite
  • Food debris may get trapped in the empty space and increase the risks of decay
  • Even a single missing tooth can cause degeneration of the jawbone and result in sagging facial muscles
  • Missing teeth often leads to loss of chewing functionality, depending on the location.
  • Speech articulation may be a problem, and certain words may not be clear.

Please contact our trained team of dentists in Summerland, BC, to get an oral evaluation.

Why Consider Getting Dentures

There are two types of dentures: partial or full. Patients with one or a few missing teeth may need partial dentures, while those with several lost teeth may require a full set of dentures. Partials and full dentures are designed to replicate natural teeth and help complete your smile. They also restore chewing and speaking abilities and boost your confidence.

Guide to Dentures

When you book an appointment with the Summerland Dental Centre, our experts will take 3D images of your oral cavity. Our trained denturist will take multiple impressions of the oral cavity and get a temporary denture fabricated. After making any necessary adjustments, we will send precise impressions to get the final set of dentures in Summerland, BC, fabricated from our offsite lab.

Dentures are not designed only for older patients; patients of any age with missing teeth can wear them. If you’ve lost your tooth or teeth due to decay, injury, trauma, or ageing, please give us a call for comfortable and custom-fitted dentures near you.

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