Emergency Denture Care

Emergency Denture Care in Summerland, BC

Dentures reinstate your ability to chew, speak and smile after tooth loss. Like natural teeth, dentures too can suffer damage, and sometimes at the most unexpected of times. Fortunately, you can get swift, personalized emergency denture care in Summerland, BC, by contacting Summerland Dental Centre.

Our denturist and dentists near you have extensive experience providing emergency care for patients who use dental prostheses. The sooner you receive care, the faster you can resume your everyday life. Remember, damaged dentures can harm your oral well-being. Even if the issue seems minor, it’s recommended to seek timely care for it so our dentists can assess the situation professionally.

Common Denture Emergencies

Denture emergencies may be occasioned by progressive wear and tear, traumatic injury, infection and other factors. In some cases, denture problems develop undetected over time. For example, chewing forces can cause micro-fractures, which grow into big cracks after a while.

For this crucial reason, we encourage our valued patients to book regular dental exams with our dentists in Summerland, BC, for continuous monitoring. Our dentists are trained and experienced in identifying problems that may be hidden to the untrained eye.

Some of the more common denture emergencies that we attend to include:

  • Broken or shattered dentures. Your dentures may break if they’re met with forceful impact, e.g. from a fall or other blunt force. Gradual wear and tear from chewing and sudden temperature changes can also lead to fractured dentures.
  • Chipped or knocked-out false tooth. In some cases, a tooth may chip or fall off the denture. This may happen if you bite down on something hard or accidentally come into contact with an elbow during a sports game.
  • Infection. If you have an implant-supported denture, you may develop an infection around the implant for one reason or another. If this happens, you’ll likely experience pain, pressure and discomfort.

What to Do After a Denture Emergency

If your dentures have fractured, or if you’ve chipped one of your false teeth, we recommend ensuring that you have all the pieces of your prosthesis before coming in for your emergency appointment. In many cases, our denturist can repair and reattach the broken pieces. If repair isn’t feasible, the next step involves making a replacement prosthesis.

We advise against wearing damaged dentures as any sharp edges can scrape against and hurt your gums and tongue. If you have an infected implant, please get in touch with us immediately to get started on urgent treatment.

Are you actively searching for a reputable dental practice that offers emergency denture care near you? Call Summerland Dental Centre today to speak to our denturist. We have partnered with MyBite, formerly Canadian Dentures and Implant Centres, to ensure you receive excellent denture care at all times.

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