Mouthguards in Summerland, BC

Trying to purchase a mouthguard? You might be confused by the different types available and what they mean. At Summerland Dental Centre in Summerland, BC, we get clients asking us about the types of mouthguards and which ones are the best all the time.

There are three main types of mouthguards: over the counter, boil and bite, and custom-fitted. You can get over the counter and boil and bite mouthguards at departments and sports stores. Custom-fitted ones are made at the dentist’s office like here at Summerland Dental Centre.

Over the counter ones aren’t recommended because they’re just not made for specific individuals. They don’t fit well and can cause more harm than good. Boil and bite mouthguards are better, but still not the best.

Those looking for the best mouthguards possible should opt for custom-fitted ones.

Pros of Custom-Fitted Mouthguards

The pros of custom-fitted mouthguards greatly outweigh the cons. You’ll be getting a dental appliance made specifically for you. When you visit the dentist, they’ll take precise measurements of your teeth that’ll be used in manufacturing your mouthguard.

With a custom-fitted mouthguard, you won’t have any discomfort and won’t be bothered during your activities or sleep. They can be worn while you play sports or when you sleep to prevent teeth damage from bruxism.

These mouthguards won’t get in the way of your breathing or speech either. If you’re facing problems with any of these, you should go back to your dentist because something isn’t right and should be corrected.

At Summerland Dental Centre, we’ll try to make your visits as comfortable as possible so you can have a pleasant experience.

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