IV Sedation

IV Sedation in Summerland, BC

Do you get stressed out thinking about your next dentist appointment due to fear of the unknown? Feeling anxious about going to the dentist is common. Many people experience dental anxiety. However, it’s important to get regular checkups and any treatment you may need for your dental issues.

Our dentists at Summerland Dental Centre offer IV sedation to facilitate easier visits for those who find going to the dentist challenging.

What is IV Sedation?

IV sedation works by helping you feel relaxed during your dentist appointment. You are awake while under IV sedation, but you will not be as aware of your surroundings as you were before. You will not be able to feel any pain or know what the dentist is doing during the procedure.

IV sedation is administered intravenously. Once it is administered, it will begin working quickly.

Is IV Sedation Safe?

IV sedation is a safe way to help you feel more relaxed at your next dentist appointment. Our dentists will ensure that you are a good candidate by asking you questions about your health. IV sedation is safe, and patients rarely have adverse reactions to it. If you have any health concerns, our dentists can help you to confirm that IV sedation is safe for you.

Who is IV Sedation for?

If you’re interested in getting IV sedation, it’s vital to talk to our dentists near you. Our dentists will give you a health screening to ensure you can safely receive IV sedation. Once you pass that screening, our dentists will use IV sedation in the following situations:

  • If you have a sensitive gag reflex
  • If the dental procedure is more painful or takes longer
  • If you have dental anxiety
  • If you need multiple procedures in one sitting

Deep Sedation Dentist For You

Deep sedation is a vital service offered by dentists in Summerland, BC, catering to the unique needs of local dental patients. Recognizing the diverse community of Summerland, local dentists are adept in providing deep sedation, a technique that significantly eases the anxiety and discomfort associated with dental procedures. This approach is particularly rewarding for patients who may have had past traumatic dental experiences or those who face overwhelming dental anxiety. Summerland’s dentists are well-equipped and extensively trained in safely administering deep sedation, ensuring a comfortable and stress-free treatment environment. The use of deep sedation in Summerland’s dental clinics reflects the community’s commitment to patient-centered care, prioritizing comfort and safety. By choosing a local Summerland dentist for deep sedation, patients can confidently undergo necessary dental treatments, assured of receiving compassionate, high-quality care tailored to their specific needs in a familiar and supportive community setting.
You can talk to our dentists about other possible uses for IV sedation.

To make an appointment for a dental cleaning and exam or another dental treatment, contact Summerland Dental Centre today. Our dentists in Summerland offer IV sedation near you.


What is deep sedation in the context of sedation dentistry?

Deep sedation is when a patient is on the edge of consciousness but can still be awakened. Sedation dentistry is used for complex or lengthy dental procedures to relax and comfort patients.

How is deep sedation administered in a dental office in Summerland?

In a dental office, deep sedation is administered intravenously (IV) by a qualified dentist or anesthesiologist. This allows for precise control over the sedation level.

Is deep sedation safe for all dental procedures?

Deep sedation is generally safe when administered by a trained professional. However, it is usually reserved for more invasive procedures or patients with severe dental anxiety.

What qualifications should a dentist have to administer deep sedation?

Dentists must have specialized training and certification in sedation dentistry to administer deep sedation. This ensures they can safely manage the sedation and respond to any emergencies.

Can children undergo deep sedation at a dental office in Summerland?

Deep sedation can be used for children in certain circumstances, especially if they have high levels of anxiety or need extensive dental work. The decision is made case-by-case, considering the child's health and specific dental needs.

What should patients expect during a deep sedation appointment?

Patients will feel sleepy and have little to no memory of the procedure. Vital signs like heart rate and oxygen levels are monitored throughout the procedure for safety.

How long does recovery from deep sedation take?

Recovery times can vary, but patients typically need to rest in the dental office shortly after the procedure. They will also need someone to drive them home, as the effects of sedation can last for several hours.

How can I find out if deep sedation is right for me?

Consult with your dentist at a reputable dental office in Summerland, BC. They will evaluate your medical history, dental needs, and anxiety levels to determine if deep sedation is a suitable option for you.

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