Digital Dentures

Digital Dentures in Summerland, BC

You’ve probably heard of digital dentures in Summerland, BC, and are wondering what they are and whether you’re a suitable candidate for the same. Digital dentures are a relatively novel concept that involves computer-aided design (CAD).

In simpler terms, instead of using dental material to make your dental impressions manually, our team relies on computer software to take accurate scans and create precise impressions and models of your teeth and other oral cavity tissues.

Summerland Dental Centre is proud to offer digital dentures near you. Thanks to digital dentures, you can get your replacement teeth fast while also experiencing comfort and convenience.

Our dentists in Summerland, BC, collaborate with our in-house denturist and MyBite, formerly Canadian Denture and Implant Centres, to ensure you get quality replacement teeth in a timely fashion.

The Treatment Process

We use computer-aided engineering tools to obtain and manipulate your dental impressions. These impressions are then shared with the MyBite team,  which creates a 3D try-on model. If the try-on model fits perfectly, the My Bite team makes the final dentures that you can pick-up on your next visit.

Digital dentures in Summerland, BC, are a vast improvement of the traditional dentures process. Unlike before, now you don’t have to contend with gooey and messy dental impression material. Our denturist scans your teeth using a digital scanner and lets the software do the rest.

Benefits of Digital Dentures

Digital dentures near you offer significant benefits to patients looking to replace their teeth painlessly and conveniently. In particular:

  • Digital dentures combine excellent precision with unparalleled accuracy, resulting in fast treatment times and enhanced comfort for the patient.
  • Digital dentures are manufactured from quality, long-wearing materials, which translates into durability.
  • Digital dentures allow us to replicate the production process without needing to take more impressions. Since the designs are created digitally, your dentures can be remade if they’re lost or damaged, without you needing to go through the impressions stage again.
  • These dentures customizable and allow you to select the materials and final look you desire.

Would you like to find out if digital dentures in Summerland, BC, are a good fit for you? Get in touch with Summerland Dental Centre today to schedule a consultation with our dentists near you.

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