Ulcer and Cold Sore Treatment

Ulcer and Cold Sore Treatment in Summerland, BC

Mouth ulcers and sores can be uncomfortable and painful to deal with. They can prevent you from eating properly or getting a good night’s sleep. Our well-equipped dental clinic offers laser treatment for ulcers and sores.

If you, your child, or someone you know has a painful mouth sore, our trained dentists near you can treat the problem with modern laser technology.

What Are Mouth Ulcers and Sores?

Although the reasons are not clear, vitamin deficiencies or excessive consumption of spicy food can cause mouth ulcers and sores.

They can appear under or on the side of the tongue, the tip of the tongue, on the soft tissue, under the chin or nose, or even outside the mouth.

In general, ulcers and sores disappear in about two weeks, but sometimes, they may persist for longer. Ulcer and cold sores laser treatment near you can provide immediate pain relief and reduce the risks of recurrence.

If you need treatment for an uncomfortable mouth ulcer, please contact our experienced dentists for a consultation.

Signs of Ulcers and Sores

There are many different types of sores and ulcers. A tingling or burning sensation may accompany cold sores, and they usually appear in clusters around the lips. It’s common to get cold sores with a sore throat, fever, or headache. On the other hand, mouth ulcers appear white or yellow and have red borders with a grey centre.

Benefits of Laser Treatment for Ulcers and Sores

Sadly, there was little you could do in the past to get rid of a painful ulcer. In most cases, the only option was to wait until the sore disappeared on its own.

Advanced ulcer and cold sore laser treatment in Summerland, BC, offers several benefits to patients:

  • Laser treatment helps eliminate pain while treating the ulcer. Patients can already expect to feel much better when they leave our clinic.
  • The canker sore will heal in 2 days instead of 2 weeks.
  • It will be much less likely to return.

You can get rid of ulcers and cold sores in one painless and quick visit to Summerland Dental Centre.

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