Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery in Summerland, BC

Our practice at Summerland Dental Centre offers a supportive environment for restorative, cosmetic, and preventive dental care. Our skilled dentists near you use the latest sedation techniques to perform pain-free oral surgeries, root canals, and implant procedures.

Although regular home hygiene and preventive care can stave away problems, oral dental surgery is sometimes unavoidable.

Why You May Need Oral Surgery in Summerland, BC

Timely oral surgery often helps in preventing the spread of infection and correcting a range of dental conditions:

Extraction of Impacted or Decayed Teeth

An impacted or decayed tooth can cause pain and discomfort and may need to be pulled. Our trained dentists use effective sedation to keep our patients comfortable throughout the oral surgery process.

For impacted teeth, we will make an incision in the gums and extract the tooth in pieces. Diagnostic x-rays and 3D imaging help us determine the best approach to extract the tooth.

Dental Trauma

Broken or fractured teeth may need to be removed if the crack has expanded to the gum line or below. If ignored, bacteria may enter through the fissure and cause pulp infection or an abscess.

What Is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

As we grow older, our teeth may become worn down, chipped, smaller (due to repeated dental work), or decayed. You may lose teeth due to cavities or extractions, and in these cases, you may be eligible for a full mouth reconstruction. Some patients may be born with dental conditions that require a full mouth reconstruction to restore full functionalities.

Full mouth reconstruction at Summerland Dental Centre involves replacing or rebuilding every tooth in the oral cavity to improve your smile and oral health. After a detailed diagnosis of your condition, our highly trained team of dentists in Summerland, BC, uses guided oral surgery to perform full mouth reconstruction. We use 3D scanning to create a model of the oral cavity.

Guided oral surgery near you involves using imaging technology to place dental implants efficiently and with precision. Computer-aided guided implant surgery allows patients to get a stunning smile with brand new implants even in a single dental visit.

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