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Laughing Gas in Summerland, BC

Laughing Gas

You may feel anxious about going to the dentist, or your child might be nervous about an upcoming appointment. To help with these fears, as well as other issues that may arise when going to the dentist, you should consider laughing gas as a form of sedation.

Laughing gas is a mild sedative. It is effective in helping with anxiety and pain management in people of all ages. Laughing gas is given through a small mask that fits over your nose.

If you are anxious about dentist appointments, talk to our dentists at Summerland Dental Centre about laughing gas. Our team can help you feel at ease while at the dentist.

Who Can Benefit from Laughing Gas?

Laughing gas is safe for most people, so it can help all types of people. It is especially useful in the following situations:

  • If you are nervous about your appointment.
  • If you have special needs or require special accommodations.
  • If your gag reflex makes getting dental work difficult.
  • If your child needs a dental procedure and may not be able to relax or sit still.

Why Should You Use Laughing Gas?

Laughing gas is a safe way to have a successful dental appointment. It starts to work quickly, and you should start to notice a difference within a few minutes. However, the effects don’t last long. Laughing gas doesn’t put you to sleep. You will still be conscious and be able to understand what’s going on, just without pain or anxiety.

Is Laughing Gas a Good Option for You?

Laughing gas can be a great way to help you get through your dentist appointment with ease. While laughing gas is helpful in many cases, there may be another option that will work better for your needs.

Talk to our dentists in Summerland to determine whether laughing gas is right for you. If not, our dentists may recommend an alternative to help you relax and have a successful exam or treatment.

For more information about laughing gas near you, talk to our dentists today. Our dentists near you would be happy to help you with all of your dental needs.

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