Born in Germany. Moved to Canada as a teenager. Owned a family business for 5 years which allowed me to purchase acreage in Summerland in 1983 which I still own and now rent to my son and his growing family.

I have successfully raised my amazing son now age 26 and along with my husband's 2 children. Youngest just turned 19! Additionally I have One grandchild which I absolutely adore and she is 1 1/2 years old. Joy of my life. She's the true image of her daddy but a girl. Rubber boots and mud. My fav.

I have been in finance/accounting & law for most of my career. Until Dental came along.

Tam very spiritual and believe in working hard and being fair but most of all in quality of care which leads to quality in life. Family is everything to me. Unless it's my horse. That wins every time. I train my own horses. Absolutely love the outdoors.