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Dental Hygienists

My name is Kajol and I grew up in Penticton and graduated from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver with a Bachelor of Dental Science. When I was young, the dental field intrigued me and I always enjoyed my routine visits to the dentist. I now work as a Dental Hygiene Practitioner at Summerland Dental, close to home.

I strive to ensure my patients feel they are provided the most optimal level of care, experiencing a sense of comfort and calmness in my dental chair. I understand not everyone has had a positive dental experience in the past and that this environment is not one that many favour. I hope throughout my practice I am able to alter the way individuals view dental professionals and see our office as  a safe space for them to receive treatment and care.

Dentistry is something I am extremely passionate about and a field in which I hope to evolve and grow in for quite some time. A smile can either shatter or boost one’s self-confidence and I hope all my patients will leave the office smiling. I enjoy being one of the primary care providers whom patients feel they can confide in regarding their dental issues prior to seeing the dentist.

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