Advanced Technology

We are a dental practice devoted to providing leading edge care and procedures.

Below are some of the equipment that we have invested in that enables us to provide ultimate care and communication with our patients.

Soft Tissue Laser – Odyssey Diode Laser 2.4

Soft tissue lasers are a valuable tool for use in many dental procedures. Many of our patients who require dental procedures that modify gum tissue are thrilled at the comfort and quick healing this piece of technology affords them. By simultaneously cutting and coagulating the area of treatment is dealt with quickly and comfortably. To learn more about soft tissue lasers go to

Soft tissue laser.pdf

Digital Radiography

Dental radiographs or x-rays are common aids to diagnosing and locating dental disease. Our new digital sensors for intraoral (x-ray sensor in the mouth) and extraoral ( x-ray sensor outside the mouth) are state of the art.

The recorded images have many great benefits to Dr and patient:

1) Digitized images can be enlarged and enhanced to increase image quality resulting in improved diagnostic capabilities for the dentist.

2)  Easy communication with the patients — the images  instantly show up on a large computer screen for viewing.  This combined with our intraoral camera images allow you to visualize any dental concerns we may need to discuss.

3) The x-ray exposure to the patient is 25-75% less than the already acceptable levels of standard film.

Go to to review any technical details of our digital system.

PDF: Digital X-ray

Intraoral Camera and Digital Photography

A picture says a thousand words and nothing could be truer than when your Dentist is describing a dental problem to you. Using our small, wand sized Acucam 4 Intraoral camera (, see cameras) we can show you hi resolution digital images of your teeth instantly. Images produced are not only useful for your education but are indisputable when conveying treatment proposals to dental insurance providers.

PDF: Intra-oral camera

With our Nikon D5100 with ring flash camera, we can take extraoral photos of individual teeth, a close up shot of your smile, an entire arch of teeth or a full facial portrait with professional grade quality.  This is critical in communicating not only with our patients, but with our lab technicians, enabling them to get the perfect shade match of a new crown to your existing teeth.





All these photographs can be displayed within moments on the computer or television screen in the operatory, allowing you to see and discuss any dental conditions.


Healthy teeth fluoresce under laser light differently than decayed surfaces. The diagnodent is a hand held non invasive pen laser that quickly scans the surface of teeth to help diagnose decay.

PDF: Diagnodent

Air Abrasion – PrepStart Cavity Prep Unit

Until recently, using the traditional dental handpiece was the only way we had to remove decay from your teeth.  But now, we have a new option called air abrasion that allows us to remove small cavities, discolouration or stains by propelling a stream of clean dry air mixed with tiny abrasive particles onto the surface of the tooth.  This allows us to remove the smallest amount of tooth structure and place conservative, stronger restorations.

The PrepStart has received top ratings by all major reviewers, continues to be the overwhelming leader in air abrasion!

CariScreen Caries Susceptibility Meter:

The CariScreen Meter is a simple, painless test to identify if patients have excess decay-causing bacteria.  The patent pending CariScreen uses ATP bioluminescence to identify oral bacterial load and has been proven to correlate with patients’ risk for decay.

For patients that have been identified to be at hi risk for tooth decay, and choose to enroll in our Cavity Prevention Program, this CariScreen Monitor is used to measure their current risk for tooth decay.  It also allows us to measure our patients progress as they follow the recommended protocols for reducing risk.

Sterile Water

Clean sterile water is what patients expect to be used for dental procedures. Did you know that without a proper system dental waterlines can be filled with a biofilm of potentially harmful bacteria?

At Summerland Dental we take pride in our Adec  500 water system for its many sterile features. 1) The water which is used for all dental procedures is sterilized and contained in exchangeable bottles. 2) The dental lines which carry the water to your mouth are flushed and dried daily to prevent biofilm build up. 3) All water lines are flushed with a sterilizing solution each week to further prevent contamination. This system of clean water lets us ensure all our patients that anything we use in your mouth is bacteria free.

Dental Implants

The placement and restoration of missing teeth using dental implants is an exciting new treatment option for many people. At Summerland Dental Centre both Dr’s Abougoush and McIntosh have trained in advanced implant placement primarily using 2 implant systems. Go to to see our nobel active system for tooth replacement. For our Ankylos system of implants visit and pick ankylos implant for a full slideshow.

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