Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF)

Platelet Rich Fibrin is a by product of your own blood that is exceptionally rich in platelets. PRF has long been used in hospitals to accelerate the body’s own healing process. Recently, advances in technology have allowed this same technique to be used in the dental office.

Platelet Rich Fibrin application is now widely used to expedite the post-procedure healing process and is completely safe. Almost all patients report a much greater degree of comfort immediately after their procedure.

The blood platelets perform several essential functions in the body, including blood clot formation and the release of growth factors that help to heal wounds. These growth factors stimulate the stem cells to produce new host tissue as quickly as possible, which is why PRF is so effective in the post-treatment healing process.

PRF is commonly used in clinical dentistry during:

Bone Grafting For Implants – This includes sinus lifts, ridge augmentation, and both inlay and onlay grafts.

Bone Repair – PRF can be used in facial trauma reconstruction, repairing of defects due to tooth removal, or the removal of growths and cysts.

Fistula Repair – This includes the repair of fistulas between the mouth and the sinus cavity.

Soft Tissue Healing – Extraction sockets to prevent dry socket.

If you have any questions about treatment with platelet rich fibrin or would like to find out if you are a candidate and can benefit from this treatment, please contact our Dental Office to schedule an appointment.