If your teeth are a little out of place but you don’t want the hassle of traditional wires and brackets, then you will want to consider Invisalign aligner braces.

This service is available at Summerland Dental Centre giving you the ability to transform your smile without obvious dental hardware. Invisalign is extremely comfortable for the patient and delivers fast results! The friendly professionals at Summerland Dental Centre will work closely with you to find an ideal care plan and ensure you have that “picture perfect smile” in no time. Just ask your Summerland team, they will answer any questions you have about the process!

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Interceptive Orthodontics

Many children require the guidance of dental and facial development as the first phase of Interceptive Orthodontics.  

By age 7 we recommend an evaluation be done by our dentists to determine is phased treatment is required. If indicated, this is typically attempted in the mixed dentition or very early permanent dentition stage. Summerland Dental Centre has been providing these types of treatments for over 20 years, guided by advanced technology and on-going education.

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