Are you tired of staring at that chipped and discolored tooth at the front of your smile? As your trusted dental office in Summerland, BC, we offer crowns for cosmetic and restorative purposes so that you can enjoy your smile to the fullest. We offer same day, in-office crowns with the latest technology; click here to learn more about our innovative technology.

If you have teeth missing a dental bridge is a great option to restore your chewing function. A bridge effectively fills the void of missing teeth, restoring your smile back to its beautiful original state!

A dental crown or bridge from Summerland Dental Centre can improve your smile while helping to maintain your chewing capability.

Invest in your smile today and regain the confidence that comes with a pristine set of teeth! The Summerland Dental team is waiting to hear from you! Call us today or mention your needs during your next dental appointment!