What Foods Can Stain Your Teeth After Whitening?

What Foods Can Stain Your Teeth After Whitening?

December 1, 2022

When you decide to receive teeth whitening near me to brighten your discolored teeth, you would want the effects to remain for as long as possible. However, eating after teeth whitening can be tricky. What you eat after the whitening procedure affects its results.

The dentist, Summerland, doesn’t hesitate to answer all questions you might have. However, if you know which foods are tooth-friendly and which aren’t, you can plan for the crucial time after receiving the therapy.

This article focuses on everything you must know about what to eat after whitening teeth and why. Kindly read for more details.

Why You Need to Be Careful of What You Eat

Understanding how whitening therapy works helps you realize why you must remain careful about what you eat after receiving an expensive treatment from the dentist. The initial 48 hours after receiving professional in-office treatment to whiten teeth will impact its results. While you notice a significant improvement immediately, you might lose all its benefits without proper care.

When you receive teeth whitening treatments from dentists, your teeth enamel expands to become porous. It is essential for the bleaching treatment but makes your teeth susceptible to any brightly colored condiments and staining foods. In addition, as your teeth are porous, they absorb the pigments of the foods you eat.

You must remember the deficiencies of your tooth enamel after receiving this therapy while planning for meals or visiting your favorite restaurant and choosing from the menu. You must stick to the foods mentioned below during the initial 48 hours, after which you can have your regular diet.

Applying common sense will make you realize that lighter foods are better for your whitening results. We have provided a comprehensive menu of the foods you can have after teeth whitening to help guide you.

For Breakfast Meals, Consider These Foods

  • Scrambled eggs to ensure the bright yolk colors are not harsh on your teeth.
  • You must consider having cream cheese or butter bagels without considering the jams and jellies.
  • Having non-sugary cereals with milk is suggested, besides plain or vanilla-flavored yogurt. Banana smoothies are also a preferred solution.

Lunch can include widespread options, which helps if you remember these tips when planning afternoon meals.

  • You can enjoy any standard sandwiches avoiding jams and jellies, mustard, and brightly color condiments.
  • You must choose white options if you intend to eat cheese.
  • If you prefer pasta or pizza, ensure that you stick to creamy white sauces instead of marinara or other red sauces.

Meat might be on the menu for dinner. However, you must remain conscious with your servings and prefer a white diet after receiving teeth whitening by choosing the foods mentioned below.

  • Prefer poultry as the primary meat or white fish, and avoid red meats.
  • Potatoes are excellent because they are primarily white. However, you must remain off sweet potatoes and au gratin varieties.
  • Beans and rice are popular among many. However, you must avoid black beans and highly colored options.
  • If you prefer a salad, stick to potato and macaroni varieties. You must set aside the lettuce version until the 48-hour deadline is up.

If you crave a snack after teeth whitening, you can do so as long as you stay with foods like original potato chips with a white dip, saltine crackers, pretzels, fruits like apples, bananas, pears, and light-colored non-acidic varieties, and white cheese sticks.

Your teeth whitening results get affected by anything you put in your mouth. Therefore, it includes the beverages you drink, making it essential for you to monitor them carefully. After teeth whitening therapy, the liquids authenticated for your consumption include water, milk, apples, green tea, clear sodas, et cetera.

Know about the Foods You Must Avoid

You must avoid many foods that can destroy your progress after the teeth whitening treatment. Your dentist suggests you avoid the foods mentioned below as best as possible because they can stain your teeth and leave them discolored after the whitening. The foods include red pistachios, chocolates, caramel, black coffee and tea, berries, spices like turmeric, paprika, curry, cinnamon, and other bright-colored varieties. In addition, it would help if you remember anything that stains your fingers can also discolor your teeth during the initial 48 hours. However, if you adhere to the suggestions of having a white diet after teeth whitening, you can enjoy the maximum benefits of the treatment.

Summerland Dental Center suggests proper after-care by avoiding the foods and beverages listed in this article before providing teeth whitening treatments. If you intend to get your teeth whitened from this practice, please adhere to the dentist’s advice before receiving your therapy.