November 17, 2017

Dental health and wellbeing are paramount year round. However, with all of the extra gatherings and abundant photos this time of year, it is essential to ensure your smile is radiating a healthy vibe! Summerland Dental reminds you to check your dental benefit plan to ensure you maximize your annual deductible. If your dental health insurance benefits reset every January 1st, now is the time to book in your last appointments.

Inviting All Clients from throughout the South Okanagan!

Did you know that Summerland Dental has clients hailing from Peachland and Penticton as well? We are conveniently open late and on Saturdays to enable you and your entire family to enjoy your happiest, healthiest smiles! Stop by after work, after school or on the weekend to take care of your same day crowns, comprehensive oral hygiene appointments, ortho consultations and so much more.

Maximize Your Dental Benefits For Your Healthiest Grin

Our family friendly clinic enjoys seeing our clients every six months on average for a complete oral checkup and cleaning. It can be easy to think things are fine only to discover that you are missing a filling or have some cracked dentition you were unaware of.

We believe that clients who maintain regular dental visits with us are taking a proactive approach in their oral health and well-being. It is much easier to treat a dental issue in its infancy such as a cavity then to discover a root canal or endodontic therapy is required.

Our friendly and professional team is committed to ensuring you are on schedule with your dental X-rays and that your chart is up to date with your latest medical history to provide our best service and recommendations for securing your smile.

Dental Checkups May Indicate More Work Is In Your Future

Summerland Dental completely understands how busy life can be. However, putting off your dental visits is never a wise idea. Maximize your dental benefits to the fullest by booking your oral health check up and scheduling in any work that you require. This is the best way to start your New Year off with an excellent, healthy smile and avoid a potential dental emergency over the winter holidays.

If you have noticed any new tenderness, pain while chewing, excessive grinding related headaches, TMD issues, bleeding and irritated gums or bad breath that just won’t quit…now is an excellent time to have our experienced and friendly crew take a peek. Perhaps, it is time to create a replacement night guard for combating your Bruxism or to book your wisdom teeth removal or explore dental implant therapy.

If this is the year for Invisalign and straighter teeth, we can help you get the ball rolling now. Regardless, of where you are at with your smile satisfaction, Summerland Dental can help you utilize your dental benefits that you work so hard for.

Don’t delay, call us today at 250-494-9711! We always look forward to seeing you and your entire family.