Tips for Speaking with Invisalign

Tips for Speaking with Invisalign

August 1, 2022

Alien appliances in your mouth as replacements for missing teeth with dentures or orthodontic appliances like braces make you confront some challenges until you become accustomed to the devices in your mouth. One challenge facing you is changes to speaking, which you might find odd.

If you have chosen to seek orthodontic treatment to straighten your crooked or gapped teeth besides other imperfections, you can expect similar challenges when you have orthodontic appliances over your teeth. The problem is expected and shouldn’t send you to the emergency dentist near me seeking treatments for an unrelated dental issue.

If you have chosen to straighten your teeth with Invisalign clear aligners because they offer you a discreet alternative to traditional orthodontic appliances, you can consider yourself fortunate because they indicate mild or moderate dental imperfections. The therapy with Invisalign permits you to straighten your teeth faster to have a beautiful smile and freedom from dental infections that are familiar with crooked and misaligned teeth. However, the clear aligners also pose challenges when speaking, making it essential for you to follow the tips mentioned in this article.

What Problems Can You Expect When Speaking with Invisalign Aligners?

The Invisalign system requires you to wear the aligners over your teeth for 20 to 22 hours every day and remove them only when eating or having beverages other than water and cleaning your teeth. It indicates the aligners remain over your teeth for the better part of the day and night.

As you start wearing the aligners, you confront the most significant challenge in the first couple of weeks, with minor speech problems affecting you as you get accustomed to having the aligners in your mouth.

You might discover that you speak with a slight lisp initially and confront challenges enunciating words. The trouble can annoy you, but you must accept it as part of the treatment that helps you get a smile makeover. We can help you get through the annoying process faster, providing you with some tips for help when talking with Invisalign.

Helpful Tips When Talking with Invisalign

Practice Makes You Perfect

The optimal method of overcoming the challenge of speaking with Invisalign is to practice, practice, & practice with the correct pronunciation. Over enunciate, focusing on the letters you find most difficult, like the S’s, D’s, and C’s. You must practice whenever you have the time and do it patiently without getting frustrated.

Reading Aloud

Reading aloud to yourself or your partner is an excellent way of practicing with Invisalign aligners over your teeth. Try to find tricky passages and continue reading them repeatedly without expressing dismay or frustration.

Record Yourself

Speaking to your partner or yourself might not make it convenient to receive feedback to determine whether you are communicating correctly. Instead, try recording yourself using a handheld recorder or your cell phone and record your practice sessions. The technique helps you identify the sounds, words, and phrases that you find most challenging to pronounce.

Speak Slowly

Do not rush through your practice sessions by speaking at a fast pace when you speak. Instead, use a slow and relaxed pace to pronounce words because it helps you speak correctly.

Stand Straight

Talking becomes easier when you maintain a good posture because it allows for proper airflow through your larynx. When you visit the dentist in Summerland for your assessment every 6 to 8 weeks and collect your fresh batch of aligners, try speaking with the dentist using the tips mentioned in this post. We are confident the dentist will commend you for your efforts to overcome the challenges when communicating with the clear aligners over your teeth.

The challenges when speaking might confront you every two or three weeks when your provider recommends you must change the current aligners for a new set. Each Invisalign aligner is tighter than the earlier aligner, bringing fresh challenges during your treatment. If your treatment continues up to 18 months, you can expect to spend some time practicing how you speak and learning to manage speech with the aligners in your mouth.

Eventually, you find freedom from the aligners at the end of your treatment. By this time, you would have mastered the art of speaking and perhaps have a new vocabulary in your armory besides a beautiful smile to compliment it.

Summerland Dental Center providers of Invisalign in Summerland might not discuss speech problems when evaluating you for Invisalign aligners. However, when you confront issues with speaking with the aligners, use the tips mentioned in this article for help.