September 26, 2017

Offering the latest technology at our practice is ideal for both our clients and our team. Summerland Dental Centre is committed to providing you with a clear picture of what is happening behind the scenes of your smile.

i-CAT 3D Cone Beam Imagery

Summerland Dental is one of the few Okanagan dental practices to house this state-of-the-art technology. Internationally recognized by top radiologists and dentists around the globe, i-CAT has transcended the traditional dental X-Ray routine and provides in depth imagery that we are happy to discuss in detail with our clients. Having the ability to visually see the problematic areas immediately at our clinic saves you time and money. These revolutionary tools are enabling us to complete far more within a single appointment than ever before. Feel secure leaving our clinic with a clear picture in mind. We find our clients’ anxiety levels drop dramatically once they are able to comprehend the issues behind their dental woes and finally have some answers. The zoom digital technology is priceless for providing us with crystal clear imagery for optimum results.

The restoration of your smile is greatly simplified when detailed images of your teeth and supporting structures, are immediately available when we harness the power of the best technology. There is no guesswork involved when you can clearly see all oral and maxillofacial components clearly and concisely. This translates to streamlined efficiency in terms of planning treatment and predicting surgical outcomes. Placing those dental implants, removing broken teeth, extracting compacted wisdom teeth, is a smoother process for everyone involved. TMD disorders and orthodontic treatment are much easier to explore and discuss when we have a clear picture of exactly what is going on with your jaw. Clients come into their procedures with a full understanding of what to expect and this greatly contributes to feeling calm and relaxed throughout their oral procedures.

Same Day Crowns Available Right Before Your Eyes!

We are thrilled with our Plan Mill 40 and the Planmeca equipment from E4D Technologies. Gone are the days of multiple dental appointments, temporary crowns and relying on the lab to deliver. E4D Technologies has enabled dentists at Summerland Dental to custom mill same day crowns right before your eyes. Our Plan Mill 40 allows us to take care of tooth that needs restoring, the same day by creating your perfectly matched replacement in-house. Your family and friends will be impressed.

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