Protect Your Child’s Teeth with Mouth Guards

Protect Your Child’s Teeth with Mouth Guards

December 3, 2021

Children participate in sports activities like they do everything else head-on. Since you cannot curb their enthusiasm or energy, offering them adequate protection is the best you can do. As you invest in protective athletic equipment, you should consider protecting their teeth with mouth guards too.

What Are Mouth Guards?

Mouthguards are soft plastic or laminate appliances that cover the teeth and surrounding tissues to prevent or reduce dental trauma. These devices are worn on the maxillary arch and separate the upper and lower jaws.

During sports, they are worn to protect the participant’s mouth, gums, jaw, and face from an injury incurred due to contact. These protective devices are also worn by patients with issues such as teeth grinding and jaw clenching.

Which Type Is The Best?

They are in two main categories, those that are pre-made and others that are custom-made for individuals. The dentist in Summerland can help you choose the best type that fits well, offers maximum protection, and does not restrict breathing or speech.

  1. Custom-fitted

These appliances are specifically made and designed for individuals. The dentist will make an impression of the child’s mouth and use this model to make the custom-made device in a dental laboratory. Properly fabricated and custom-fitted mouthguards provide the most comfort and best protection. Seek a dentist who creates these mouth guards near you according to the type of sport your child participates in.

  1. Boil and bite

Boil and bite appliances come in a pre-made shape that you can easily alter at home to fit your teeth. In addition, their thermoplastic material can be re-formed to fit over your teeth when they are immersed in hot water then your child bites into them. However, these devices do not provide the proper comfort, thickness, and protection to your teeth.

  1. Stock

Stock mouth protective devices are pre-formed and ready to be worn. Unfortunately, they are available in one size that fits all wearers, rarely working well. Although they offer some protection, their bulkiness can make your child unable to breathe when wearing them.

What Are The Functions Of Mouthguards?

They play a vital role in protecting your child’s smile. Here are some mouth guards’ benefits and functions.

  1. They protect the teeth from fractures, teeth loss, and dislocation by absorbing or redistributing shock during dental trauma.
  2. Mouth shields prevent laceration and bruising by keeping the teeth from the surrounding soft tissues during impact.
  3. Prevent nerve damage to a tooth and the need for endodontic treatment.
  4. These devices stabilize the jaws during traumatic jaw closure and prevent neurologic injuries.
  5. The guards prevent and reduce concussions when they absorb impact forces that would have been transmitted via the base of the skull to your brain.
  6. Your kid can become more confident and aggressive during competitive sports activities when wearing a mouth guard that fits properly and offers maximum protection.
  7. Mouth protectors save you money since the cost of replanting a tooth, treating dental injuries, and replacing avulsed teeth exceeds the price of a well-fitted mouthguard.

My Child Has Braces. Can They Still Wear Mouth Guards?

Yes, your child can still wear a mouthguard when they have braces or other fixed appliances. However, a forceful impact to the jaw during sports activities can damage your child’s braces as well as injure the teeth and surrounding soft tissues. Therefore, the dentist in Summerland will assess the mouth to determine the guard that provides the best protection for your kid’s unique mouth work.

Are There Any Special Care Instructions For Mouth Guards?

Caring for these appliances is easy but requires commitment. Here are some simple instructions on care for mouth guards that your child has to follow.

  • Clean the device after every use.
  • Do not expose it to extreme temperatures.
  • Avoid biting or chewing on it.
  • When not using it, replace it in its protective case.

Are There Side Effects?

Now that you are enlightened on the benefits and functions of these devices, you may be asking whether they have any side effects. For example, an ill-fitting guard will cause sore gums, toothache, and TMJ pain. In addition, some patients experience funny taste in the mouth from the material used and excess saliva.

To avoid such side effects, consult the dentist in Summerland Dental Care for customized mouth guards near you that fit and are comfortable yet effective. In addition, our experienced dentists will create mouth guards suited for specific sports since the injuries your kid can sustain from one sport are different from injuries in another sport.