Unfortunately the Boat races for 2020 have been cancelled due to Covid-19 which means more training time for Keenan the “Water Cannon” O’Blenis who will be racing in 2021.


The Ogopogo Bathtub Race started in 2015 as a fundraiser for the Penticton Regional Hospital, and was a great success, raising $126,000.00.

Summerland Dental will miss the opportunity to dazzle viewers, as they cheer on “The Water Cannon” as he blasts to victory.

Dr Abougoush raced in the 2016 and came in first place, then passed the torch onto Keenan. Keenan currently works at Summerland Dental Centre and is in charge of asepsis, sterilization, sundries supplies, and much more.

The team is looking forward to next year see you then!