Metal Free Options for Straightening Teeth: Benefits of Invisalign over Braces

Metal Free Options for Straightening Teeth: Benefits of Invisalign over Braces

February 1, 2023

Have you, as an adult, been reluctant to seek teeth straightening treatments because you are trying to find a metal-free option for the therapy? Unfortunately, you are doing yourself a disfavour because your crooked and misaligned teeth are probably making life challenging for you by disallowing you to clean your mouth appropriately to become a victim of dental infections you wouldn’t want.

Having a mouthful of metal to straighten teeth was the only option earlier. Fortunately, dentistry advances now provide state-of-the-art invisible braces to straighten mild to moderate orthodontic imperfections that help give you better-looking teeth and a beautiful smile minus dental infections within six to 18 months. Most importantly, the invisible braces are entirely metal-free and will likely not cause embarrassment when wearing orthodontic braces during adulthood.

If we have made you curious with our statement of helping you to correct your orthodontic imperfections without metal and wire in your mouth, let us provide information that the therapy has been available for over three decades and is one favoured by adults the world over as an alternative to traditional orthodontic braces. Therefore it helps if you research Invisalign over braces to understand how this revolutionary therapy helps straighten teeth with a metal-free option to achieve your goal.

The treatment with Invisalign doesn’t merely helps straighten teeth without metal brackets and wires but also benefits you in several ways, which we describe for your benefit.

Benefits of Considering Invisalign Instead of Conventional Orthodontics

Conventional orthodontics is undoubtedly excellent for treating mild or severe orthodontic problems. However, Invisalign offers many benefits over traditional orthodontics. Some of them are the following:

  • Enhanced Comfort: unlike conventional orthodontics, the Invisalign system does not require you to wear metal brackets, wires, and bands mounted on your teeth because the braces are replaced by dental grade BPA-free transparent clear aligners comfortable to wear without restrictions imposed on you to refrain from having your favourite foods or cleaning your teeth. Therefore you don’t have any poking wires or brackets in your mouth and benefit from Invisalign removable braces that help keep you nourished and maintain excellent dental hygiene throughout your treatment.
  • Monthly Adjustments Eliminated: if you must receive conventional orthodontic treatment, you must visit your orthodontist every month to adjust the braces on your teeth. However, if you are eligible for Invisalign therapy, the monthly visits for adjustments are eliminated from the very onset of your treatment. Invisalign creates a series of aligners customized for your teeth after the dentist near you assesses your situation to determine its complexity and captures images of your teeth and mouth with a 3D intraoral camera for the manufacturers to custom-create your braces. When you receive the braces, you start wearing them over your teeth and replace them every fortnight without help from the dentist because of the removable feature of the aligners.
  • Faster Treatment: orthodontic treatments with metal braces require three years or more to straighten teeth or correct jaw misalignments. However, Invisalign merely straightens teeth without concentrating on jaw misalignments. Therefore depending on the complexity of your situation, you can complete treatment within six to 18 months to have the straighter teeth you desire. However, you must adhere to the instructions of the dentist in Summerland and keep the aligners over your teeth for a minimum of 22 hours daily to achieve the results in a quicker time than conventional orthodontics.
  • Dental Emergencies Eliminated: dental emergencies are familiar with traditional orthodontics because the wires can break, and the brackets dislodge if you brush aggressively or eat complex foods. As a result, you may have to rush to seek emergency treatment to fix the broken orthodontics to ensure your treatment proceeds smoothly. However, with Invisalign, you don’t confront similar challenges because you remove the braces when having food and clean your teeth, thereby eliminating dental emergencies when undergoing treatment.
  • Discreet Therapy: if metal brackets and wires appear ungainly in your mouth, Invisalign remains indistinguishable on your teeth even when you are with family and friends or decide to socialize with others. The treatment is virtually invisible, providing freedom from embarrassment or the discomfort of having a mouthful of metal to achieve your goal of having better-looking teeth and a beautiful smile.

If you are fascinated by the benefits of receiving successful Invisalign treatment in Summerland, consider receiving orthodontic treatment with the Invisalign system during adulthood without wasting time. The sooner you start treatment, the better for you to prevent the complications affecting you and display a beautiful smile with healthy teeth after the therapy.

If you want to straighten your teeth using a discreet option Summerland Dental Care provides Invisalign in the region to help you achieve your goal. Consult them for an assessment and start your treatment to display a beautiful smile to everyone around you.