Heard about Digital Dentures: Here Are Their Seven Benefits

Heard about Digital Dentures: Here Are Their Seven Benefits

June 1, 2021

You may have heard how you can replace missing teeth in a day by getting same-day dental implants with artificial teeth, CEREC crowns, or veneers in one visit to your dentist, or change the appearance of your teeth and smile in one dental visit using cosmetic dental procedures. However, if dental technology has improved significantly to provide all the above, is it even imaginable that the ancient teeth replacement solution with dentures is far behind?

Currently, dental restorations are more personalized than earlier with the latest advances in dental technology. Therefore if you confront a problem with missing teeth, it helps if you contact the dentist V0H 1Z0 for the traditional solution to replace your missing teeth to restore your mouth’s functionality and smile in merely a couple of visits.

The dentist provides digital dentures created digitally from start to finish. If you aren’t aware of digital dentures, we suggest you continue reading this article to learn more about them.

A Description of Digital Dentures

Digital dentures are artificial teeth created using digital scans of your mouth instead of taking physical impressions multiple times. Your dentures are fabricated based on the scans in computers and printed with the help of 3D printing technology.

The Creation of Digital Dentures

Advances in dental technology now allow dentists to create their artificial teeth designing them on software. In addition, the advances will enable the personalization of your artificial teeth. You can even provide images of how your teeth looked like to the dental clinic you approach for the dentures, and the picture helps the dentist customize your digital denture teeth.

The process for digital dentures utilizes a scientific technique authenticated to assess how your teeth fit together. The technology also considers various spacing and cosmetic-related issues with your teeth, including the spaces between them. The information is recorded in a digital file specifically for you. Your digital denture is then created from a solid block of cured and robust resin. The resin does not change or shift during the curing yielding a closer fit to your mouth issues than traditional dentures. The digital process ensures a comfortable fit from digital dentures than the earlier versions. When your artificial teeth are correctly aligned, and your bite feels good, you feel more comfortable.

How Will Digital Dentures Appear?

One of the significant benefits of digital dentures are they ensure your appearance remains the same. The dentures have a natural appearance because they are created using advanced dental technology, and your denture design is saved indefinitely. If you ever need to replace your digital dentures, you receive another set looking identical to the set you had.

What If You Damage or lose Your Digital Dentures?

Losing your dentures or damaging them is part and parcel of having these appliances in your mouth. Traditional dentures can send you to the emergency dentist in Summerland for repairs or replacements. However, your denture design is saved in a digital file with digital dentures, making a substitute just a phone call away. Even better is the speed at which the replacements are delivered to you within a day or two.

What Is The Process to Get Digital Dentures?

You merely require two appointments with the dentist to have your digital dentures fabricated. The dentist creates a digital record of your dentures during your first appointment. The digital process eliminates the lengthy procedure requiring multiple appointments to provide physical impressions to ensure the right fit and confirm it. In addition, the digital record ensures replacements are quick and easy for digital dentures.

What Is the Lifespan of Digital Dentures?

Traditional dentures require replacements every 5 to 10 years. Digital dentures also require replacements over time. However, robust material helps make them last longer than traditional dentures for most.

Which Option Should You Choose Digital or Traditional Dentures?

If advances in dental technology offer you the option of selecting digital dentures, why would you want to consider the traditional variety and overlook the benefits of digital dentures? Besides being uncomfortable to wear, traditional dentures offer limited customization and require time to replace damaged or lost.

You must decide in favor of digital dentures because they provide you increased comfort, a better bite, fit, fewer appointments and adjustments, and complete personalization to help you care for oral health faster than traditional dentures.

Looking at the ease at which digital dentures are available and the benefits they provide, we are confident you will choose them over the ancient variety to have an entire set of artificial teeth in your mouth within a couple of appointments.