April 25, 2018

The foods and beverages we consume daily can dramatically influence the health and wellbeing of our smile. A diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables can satisfy your sweet and salty cravings with less detrimental side effects than options from the candy isle. Having some fresh cut veggies stored in a dish of water in your fridge provide simple, nutritious and accessible snack options. Remember, it only takes a few hours for sticky biofilm and plaque to solidify into tartar. Be sure to brush, floss and swish after each meal and snack to rinse away the bacteria while it is still soft (as opposed to calculus that needs to be scaled or scraped away at your next dental appointment!) Summerland Dental wants you to maximize your smile with these friendly considerations.

Drink More Water

Besides keeping your skin and cells hydrated; consuming fresh, delicious water helps our body maintain adequate saliva production. Saliva bathes our teeth and gums with nutrient-rich minerals and helps to keep the surface of our teeth clean. If you find yourself missing the mouthwash or on your way into an important meeting without your toothbrush, a vigorous swish with water can do wonders. Summerland Dental recommends carrying a water bottle with you during our warmer months to encourage frequent, healthy hydration throughout the day! If plain water doesn’t suit your fancy, experiment with creating your own flavoured water by infusing some cucumber, mint, watermelon or pineapple (or any fruit) for some healthy and vibrant alternatives.

Identifying Acidic Foods and Beverages

Citrus fruits such as grapefruit, oranges, lemons and limes are packed with Vitamin C and plenty of healthy bioflavonoids. While these are excellent to consume for a plethora of health reasons, it is wise to rinse your mouth out afterwards and brush your teeth if possible. Red and white wine, lemon or lime water and soda beverages can all wreak havoc on your precious enamel. It is vital to protect our outer layer of enamel from erosion due to acidity. Something as simple as diluting fruit juices with water can greatly reduce the amount of acidic sugar exposure to our teeth. Ensure you are in the habit of brushing, flossing and swishing before retiring, especially on evenings that you enjoy a glass of wine or a snack before bed.

Calcium & Phosphorus Dietary Options

Adding some calcium-rich options are an excellent way to promote dental health. Keep your teeth strong by enjoying some leafy green veggies including kale and spinach, canned salmon, tofu, cheese, yoghurt, fortified soy beverages and almonds. Protein-rich foods can help you curb some of your cravings due to their ability to make you feel full longer. Phosphorus-rich foods including fish, dairy, eggs and lean meat are also essential for building and maintaining strong teeth.

Apples, Celery and Carrots

There are some excellent natural foods that help us clean our teeth as we consume them. Crunchy and full of fibre, apples are an excellent snack choice. Full of pectin, apples can make you feel full for up to two hours! Enjoy smile friendly options such as carrots and celery to help you clean your teeth in between meals.

Summerland Dental Loves To See You Smile!

Book your next comprehensive dental checkup with us today! We love to hear about your favourite snack options and homemade smoothie recipes. We look forward to helping you and your family enjoy a lifetime of optimum dental health. See you soon!