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Hello to our valued Patients,

At Summerland Dental Centre, our aim is to make a positive impact towards the health of our community. With this in mind, we are closing our practice for non-essential care until the end of March, and possibly longer depending on recommendations from our Dental governing body and the Provincial and Federal Health Authorities. Our intention is to allow COVID 19 a chance to level out, reduce the strain on our medical providers and allow life to return to normal sooner than later.

Non-essential care can be defined as hygiene visits, fillings and crowns, and extractions when no infection is present. We WILL be available throughout this time to address emergency care: broken tooth, swelling of the face, extreme temperature sensitivity and signs of infection. If you are not sure if your concerns are a "true emergency" we welcome your call. When in doubt, let's talk it out.

Kristen and Madeline will continue to answer your questions via text, email and phone call throughout this process - so know that assistance is available. In the meantime, please update your calendars. We will be reassessing the situation periodically and will be sure to reach out with updates and to get you rescheduled.

Be calm, be safe, be considerate!

Dr Mike Abougoush and the Summerland Dental Centre Team.

Emergency Contact Number: 778-622-0425 

Our passion is our community

Your family’s dental health is our priority. We strive to provide the best dental care and ongoing support for our community members. We love getting involved in local events and causes, whether it’s participating in the Annual Bathtub Races or visiting our neighbouring businesses.

Dentistry may have brought us together, but our community is truly to thank!

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